To Share or Not to Share?

August 5, 2016

Up until this post, Don and I have been somewhat private through the course of our fertility journey.  We have experienced 3 losses, and though we have shared our experiences with others to a certain extent, we have avoided the topic at times or at least not taken advantage of opportunities to discuss it.  Recently, the Lord has been putting it on both of our hearts (separately before we even discussed it together) to be very open about our journey because a testimony is being built.  We want God to receive all the glory once we have our baby (in whichever method He uses), and that’s a lot harder if people don’t know about the struggles in the first place.  All babies are a miracle, but after having the obstacles that we do, we feel like it will glorify the Lord that much more once we do have a baby.  We want to share this journey with our parents, siblings, friends and co-workers if they are interested in the details.  If you have someone close to you that wants to share in this journey with you and us, we encourage you to send them the link to this website.  We feel like having a blog is a great way to communicate what we want to communicate without people hearing information second hand.  It’s a way to update everyone at the same time. We also want to document our journey as it is a testimony that we will look back on and pray also that our journey will encourage others in their faith on their own journeys.  It is also a way for me to gather my thoughts and process everything and collect information.

We hope you will support us on this journey and thank you for your prayers and support!


Sally & Don


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