Getting Ready

August 26, 2016

Don and I are meeting at the doctor’s office this afternoon to sign consent forms, receive the final calendar for next month and for injection training.  We have been getting ready by reading through everything, preparing more questions to ask and ordering the medications.  I have also been working out more to combat any side effects of weight gain for any of the medications and also so that I can be in the best health possible to conceive.  The first sonogram will be a baseline sonogram and will take place Thursday, September 1.  The day after that, I will begin Clomid which helps the eggs to grow.  Around the same time, Don will begin taking an antibiotic for 10 days (Doxycycline).   This Sunday, August 29th will be my last dose of the OCP (oral contraceptive pill).  I started it 8/12, and the main purpose is to suppress the follicles so they don’t grow.  Later in the cycle, I will take a different medication to help them all grow consistently so that they are all about the same size during retrieval.

I have had mixed emotions about the whole IVF process.  Both Don and I are very excited about this opportunity.  However, I have also been having a little bit of anxiety about the unknowns and uncertainty as well as nervous about following all the directions correctly and making sure I’m not missing any steps.  There have been a lot of other things going on besides the IVF, so in general, there has been a lot of anticipation.  It’s nothing very stressful, but just a lot going on at once.  I have been focusing on trying to get good rest, and Calms Forte has helped me a lot.  Staying on top of organizing all the information from the doctor’s office has helped a lot also.


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