One Week In

Thursday, September 8, 2016

We started the IVF process last week with a baseline sonogram and an estrogen check blood draw.  If there had been a cyst or if the estrogen level wasn’t where it needed to be, we would have had to cancel the IVF for this cycle and try again two months (we’ll be traveling next month).  Thankfully, everything looked great, and we were given the go ahead to start the stimulation.

I started Clomid that night which is taken orally.  On the third day of stimulation, we also introduced Menopur which is a subcutaneous injection which means under the skin (on the abdomen).  The injections have been going really well.  It isn’t painful, and we got past the learning curve within a couple nights.  I have also been taking low dose aspirin (ASA) since the start of the stimulation cycle.  We went in for a sonogram check and estrogen blood draw yesterday (Wednesday), and everything looks great.  The estrogen level is right where the doctor wants it to be, and he counted 7 follicles which is great.  They will do the egg retrieval next week (most likely Wednesday), but it could vary by a day.  The doctor will collect all of the eggs, and from that point, it will be determined how many can be fertilized.

Preparing the Injection (click this link to see how to prepare the injection)




One Week In pic 3

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