Two Weeks In

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Everything continues to go extremely well! I have not really had any side effects to any of the medications.  I am on low doses, but the response is that of a conventional IVF cycle.  We had another sonogram and estrogen check on Friday, September 9th and Sunday, September 11th (they make special exceptions to see IVF patients on the weekend due to how closely everything needs to be monitored).

To recap, last Wednesday, there were 7 follicles.  Friday, we found out there are 10 good follicles that the doctor thinks has the potential to grow large enough to be good candidates for fertilization.  The doctor said the uterine lining still needed to thicken up but didn’t seem too concerned (if isn’t thick enough, they won’t do the transfer that month).  I generally eat pretty healthy, but this made it very real to me.  I began to look online to find what foods nourish the uterus and help it thicken.  Spinach, red meat, chicken liver, yams were some of the foods on the list. I also read that circulation helps a lot and that circulation can be improved with acupuncture, heating pads and keeping the feet warm (so that the body doesn’t have to work to pump as much blood down to the feet which is far from the core).  The doctor said he was fine with me trying any of these methods.

We had another sonogram and estrogen check on Sunday, September 11.  There were still 10 good looking follicles.  The lining was thicker at 7.4 mm, but the doctor would like it to be a minimum of 8 mm.  I read online that 8-11 mm is healthy.  Sunday afternoon I went to Trader Joe’s and found chicken liver pate which ended up not being as bad as I anticipated.  I ate it on a toasted gluten free bagel, and Don tried it with me.  I also took an iron pill, continued to eat healthy and kept my body warm.  We also prayed a lot because we knew that ultimately this was up to God to take care of regardless how much I tried to control my uterine lining on my own.

I also started Cetrotide over the weekend which is an injection that prevents premature ovulation.  The doctor explained it like this:  there are lots of eggs growing, but the body doesn’t realize it’s numerous egg.  The body thinks it’s one giant super egg.  Because of this, the body may try to ovulate prematurely hence the Cetrotide.  Our next appointment is Tuesday.

I also was able to get in to the acupuncturist on Monday, September 12.

Here are some pictures of the chicken liver pate:


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