Egg Retrieval Day

Thursday, September 15th, 2016

Today is egg retrieval day! We were instructed not to wear any fragrance of any kind whether it be in deodorant or body wash, etc.  I use scented fabric softener so we decided to wash the clothes we would wear the night prior with our crystal balls.  Crystal balls are all natural and fragrance free and last for a few years.  I picked up some unscented multi-purpose soap at whole foods that can be used on the body, face and hair (all of my shampoos are very fragrant, and I wanted to be as sterile as possible for the procedure).  I washed my hair with the unscented soap and did not condition or put any lotion or make up on.  Don used the same soap, and we were on our way by 7:00 am to report in at 7:20.

Upon arrival, they reviewed the procedure.  It is a minor outpatient surgery called follicular aspiration to remove eggs from the womb using a thin needle and gentle suction device and performed under anesthesia.  We met the embryologist, the anesthesiologist and Dr. Beshay came to talk to us before the procedure.  They took me in promptly at 8:00, and I was finished by 9:00.  I had to stay in the recovery room for about an hour, and we were free to leave at 10:00.  We learned that they were able to get 8 eggs which is excellent since that is about double what the doctor was hoping for!

Dr. Beshay said that the 9th one ended up being very small and near the bowel and that it was too risky to try to retrieve without damaging my intestine.  He said it was small anyway and not worth it.  What the doctor thought was a 10th egg turned out to be a very small fibroid tumor (1.2 mm).  Fibroid tumors are benign growths that tend to grow as a result of high estrogen levels (result of the medicines I’ve been on).  The doctor said it was indenting the uterus somewhat and that while our chances for implantation occur after the transfer are still very good, the chances are a little lower with the fibroid indenting the uterus the way it is.  There are 3 other fibroids in my uterus, but they are small and not impacting anything.  The doctor said the fibroid that may lower our chances is at the top of the uterus, and embryos usually implant at the bottom of the uterus.  The worst that would happen is that if the embryo tried to implant on the fibroid, I would miscarry.  He said that if we transfer 2 embryos, the embryos will most likely will move away from each other and implant in two separate areas.  Then even if one were to implant on the fibroid, there is a good chance the other one will still be implanted elsewhere.  Dr. Beshay also said that 6 of the 9 eggs came from my left, tubeless side! So those eggs didn’t stand much of a chance at all without IVF!

We will find out tomorrow how many of the eggs fertilized.  The eggs are mixed with Don’s fresh specimen the day of the egg retrieval.  The embryologist will check on them after 24 hours and give us a call.


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