Day 1 of Development

Friday, September 16, 2016

The embryologist called me at 8:24 this morning.  He said that 7 out of the 8 eggs fertilized!  He said that the eighth one didn’t divide properly and didn’t make it.  7 out of 8 is excellent (that’s around 87%)!  We were told that 60% fertilize on average.  We were hoping for 4-5.  The embryologist will check on them again Sunday which is day 3 (of development).  We except that about half will make it to Sunday as that is pretty typical.  Once he sees how the embryos are doing on Sunday, he will call us and let us know what time the transfer will be.  He said it will be Tuesday which is a day 5 transfer.  It will most likely be in the afternoon.  I will not need to be under anesthesia.

Yesterday, I started two new oral medications.  I am taking Doxycycline (100 mg) and Methylprednisolone (16 mg).  This is to help control the bacteria for implantation.  I am also taking a super dose of probiotics daily that the doctor approved.  Tonight we will introduce 2 more medications and I will resume the low dose aspirin.  I was instructed to not take it the day before transfer.  The new medications that I start tonight are Estrace (2 mg) orally and Progesterone in oil (1 mL) via intramuscular injection (in the backside).  The nurse stressed the importance of taking the medications consistently at the same time every night.  We must not vary by more than an hour.  We decided that 9:30 is the best time since we will home from all our activities by that time.  It will limit us from going out in the evenings, but we don’t mind since we don’t go out much anyway.  Upon a successful transfer and implantation, I will continue Progesterone, Estrace and low dose aspirin through the first trimester of the pregnancy.

I will be going in for another acupuncture appointment tomorrow and again Monday.


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