Little Embryos

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Today was transfer day! To recap, out of the 8 eggs retrieved, 7 fertilized normally and have been growing for 5 days.  Today, 2 of the 7 looked very good and were ready for what’s referred to as a day 5 embryo transfer.  I was instructed to drink two pints of water and arrive at the office by 2:00 for a 2:30 transfer.  The appointment prior to ours was running behind because the patient hadn’t drank enough water.  While the patient was in recovery, our doctors met with us to go over questions, Dr. Beshay and the embryologist.  The embryologist stated that the other 5 embryos weren’t doing well and didn’t think they would be able to freeze them.  He said he would give them one more day and call me with an update the following day.  However, both doctors were very optimistic about the two embryos that looked very good.

I asked what grade the embryos were, but the doctors didn’t want to get that specific.  They said they really don’t discuss it with patients and it’s really not that telling of how the embryo is going to respond to the transfer.  They said both embryos looked great.  Dr. Beshay referred to one of the embryos as a “textbook image”.

I learned the clusters of cells referred to as embryos are not technically embryos until around week 5.  Up until that point, it is a zygote, then a blastocyst, but I will be referring to them as embryos since that is common terminology.  There is an outer protective shell that surrounds the blastocyst that the embryo hatches from right before it starts its implantation journey.  One of our embryos was starting to hatch.

By the time we were ready to begin the transfer, I was very uncomfortable due to my full bladder and the delay, but that was the worst of it as the procedure itself was painless.   Don was able to come into the procedure room, and we saw both of the embryos projected on the screen.  They were loaded into a catheter which is the method to transfer them.  They procedure was very quick and went very well without any hiccups.  The nurse noted that my bladder was extremely full, and that it was still filling!  After the transfer, I was inverted for about 10 minutes.  There isn’t any science behind inverting patients, but Dr. Beshay prefers this method.  After the 10 minute wait, I was finally able to empty my bladder.

I was instructed not to lift anything more than 10 pounds and not to let the cats walk on my abdomen or pounce off of it.  We were also informed that I cannot do any exercise except gently walking, and intercourse is not permitted.  These restrictions are in place until at least the 6 week sonogram, God willing, and then the doctor will modify the restrictions based on the 6 week exam.  The doctor said to take it easy and emphasized the importance of keeping emotional stress at bay.

Tomorrow I will start new medications which are progesterone in oil (intramuscular injections) and Estrace (oral pill -estrogen).  I will also start the low dose aspirin back up.  These medications will continue through to the end of the first trimester, God willing.  Otherwise, I would stop upon receiving a negative result (blood test).

Update:  I received a call September 21 from the embryologist, and he stated the remaining 5 embryos were not dividing normally and would not survive.


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